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We are excited to announce that Aqua Splash Pools has become the Western Canada Distributor for Canadian-made Dolphin Fiberglass Pools.

As a distributor, we will be carrying an inventory both in Brandon, MB and in Trenton, ON. With our own specialized equipment (ie, crane truck and specialty trailer) we will eliminate the handling challenges other fiberglass pool suppliers have incurred in the past.

We will be able to quote a price including freight to your yard and a timeline of when the product will be delivered. As well, we will have factory trained staff available in Western Canada to provide consumer support in a timely manner.

Dolphin’s state-of-the-art construction begins with durable, high-polished material. The primary application of Gel Coat is applied to give the pool a gorgeous, non-porous finish. The smooth finish is non-abrasive to the skin and swim wear and is more resistant to algae than other types of pools. Dolphin’s non-porous finish resists the problems associated with unbalanced water chemistry, requiring less chemical maintenance, labor, and electricity, saving you time and money. The second layer is Dolphin’s Vinyl Ester Resin which is a water barrier and blister protection. Dolphin takes great pride in the fact they do not use any filler. This enables the resin and glass to knit together properly to provide the perfect balance of rigidity and flex. The final layer of glass build up is 4 layers of glass, 2 layers of hand laid 24 oz woven roven with chopped glass in between. Dolphin’s Gel Coat is the best in the industry; it has the highest rated for UV protection, colour stability and gloss.

Dolphin’s pools withstand drastic temperature changes and resist freeze-thaw climates. They take great pride in manufacturing a Canadian made quality product using the latest technology to lead the way in the fiberglass pool industry. The installation of fiberglass pools takes a lot less time than the traditional vinyl pool liners allowing the customer to enjoy their pool sooner.

Fiberglass pools are becoming increasingly popular in Eastern Canada and it is only a matter of time before Western Canada follows suit. Why not be a part of this innovative wave?

Dolphin Fiberglass Pools are manufactured in Trenton, Ontario. Visit them online at