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Available Colours

Caribbean Blue
sahara dolphinwhite caribbeanblue pacificblue

Pool Styles

Image Model Width, Length and Depth
eagleray Eagle Ray

NEW for 2013!

8’6″ x 17’ x 4’6”
bahamas Bahamas

NEW for 2013!

10’ x 24’ x 5’6”
angelfish Angelfish

NEW for 2013!

13’ x 31’ x 5’8”
Sunfish Sunfish 8’ x 20’ x 4’6”
cancun Cancun 12’ x 25’ x 3’9” to 5’4”
Stingray I Stingray I 8’6” x 26’ x 4’6”
Stingray III Stingray III 12’ x 26’ x 4’6”
Acapulco Acapulco 13’ x 29’ x 3’4” to 5’10”
Waikiki Waikiki 14’ x 30’ x 3’6” to 5’4”
Fuji Fuji 14’ x 32’ x 3’4” to 5’10”
Costa Rica Costa Rica 15’ x 34’ x 3’6” to 6’
Maui Maui 15’ x 34’ x 3’5” to 6’6”
Oasis I Oasis I 13’ x 33’ x 4’2” to 6’2”
Oasis II Oasis II 15’6” x 36’ x 4’2” to 6’5”
Azures I Azures I 13’ x 35’ x 4’
Honolulu II Honolulu II 15’ x 35’ x 4’ to 6’
Dolphin I Dolphin I 16′ x38′ x 3’6″ to 5’8″
Dolphin II Dolphin II 16’ x 38’ x 3’6” to 7’10”
Tampico Tampico 16’ x 40’ x 8’

Why Fibreglass?

Fiberglass Pools are the cost effective, environmentally friendly pool choice, great for your family and the environment.

Dolphin fiberglass pools high tensile strength allows the pool to flex without cracking making it ideal for regions with extreme temperature changes.

Dolphin’s gel coat finish makes it the easiest pool to maintain as the surface is chemically inert therefore it does not alter the pools water chemistry, which means you do not need to use as many chemicals to keep your water balanced.

The smooth seemless gel coat surface not only feels great but also does not allow for algae to bond to the pool, you can just sweep it away. Making a fiberglass pool the best choice for busy families. Instead of maintaining your pool, you will be enjoying it.

Using less chemicals to maintain your water chemistry and never needing to replace a liner makes a fiberglass pool the environmentally smart choice.

Feature Fiberglass Vinyl Liner Cement
Durability High tensile strength allows for pool to flex without cracking, ideal for regions with extreme temperature change; pet proof Rips, tears a concern; liner subject to chemical damage Cracks from extreme weather changes, subject to chemical change
Chemical Usage Far fewer chemicals needed since the gel coat surface does not affect water chemistry; algae does not adhere to gel coat surface 3-4 times more chemical usage than fibreglass Require substantially more chemicals to keep water balanced
Surface Gel Coat Surface is smooth and algae cannot bond as easily; pet proof; longest lasting surface available Algae nests in seams and in texture of textured liner; pets can tear liner; unsightly when faded; liner can pull out at edges Algae can nest in pores; pet proof; cracks, stains and erodes
Install Time 3-4 Days 2-3 Weeks 4-8 Weeks
Repairs / Replacing / Resurfacing Costs No repairs or resurfacing needed High probability of repairs needed for rips and tears; liner replacement costly, liner goes to landfill when it’s replaced Resurfacing repair issues are probable and costly